Cuba suffering from severe drought

HAVANA, April 14 (UPI) -- Cuba's worst drought in 50 years is forcing the government to deliver water to about 100,000 people in Havana with trucks, officials said.

A water pipe network in poor condition compounds the problem in Havana and the drought that started two years ago has depleted reservoirs by about 80 percent, the BBC reported.


"It's just completely out of control," said Ana Gomez. "Just imagine you can't wash your clothes, cook or clean your house."

As many as 70 percent of Havana's water pipes are leaking and in need of repair and residents are forced to use buckets and bottles to haul water from trucks to their homes, the report said.

Cuba's rainy season in May and June will put some water back into reservoirs, but a normal rainfall season will not fill them up, officials said.

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