American kidnapped on Mexican bus

MATAMOROS, Mexico, April 11 (UPI) -- An American was taken captive by criminals on a bus in Mexico, the U.S. Consulate in the border town of Matamoros said in an advisory.

The consulate issued a travel advisory Friday after receiving three reports from U.S. citizens or their families of intercity buses being boarded by criminals in late March and early April, The Brownsville (Texas) Herald reported.


"In at least one instance, male bus passengers, including an American citizen, were forcibly removed from those buses and have yet to be located," the advisory states.

"In addition to those messages, recent reports indicate that intercity buses are increasingly being targeted by armed individuals for robbery and kidnapping," the consulate said.

The American victim was not identified.

Several mass graves containing at least 72 bodies were uncovered last week near San Fernando, Tamaulipas, about 80 miles from Brownsville.

Gerardo Acevedo Danache, vice president of international affairs for the Matamoros Chamber of Commerce, said, "It is presumed that they are Mexican citizens, but it cannot be discounted that some of the victims could be from the U.S. or from Central America."


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