Dozens of bodies found in mass graves

MEXICO CITY, April 7 (UPI) -- At least 59 bodies were found in mass graves in northern Mexico in the same area where six dozen migrants were slaughtered last year, officials said.

Officials in Tamaulipas state said the bodies were found in eight graves during an investigation of the March 25 hijacking of a busload of passengers, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.


A statement from the Tamaulipas prosecutor's office said a joint investigation of federal and state officials led to the arrests of 11 suspects and the rescue of five captives.

Officials said they were working to identify the dead to determine if they were on the seized bus, the Times said.

Investigators said one grave held 43 corpses.

The bodies were found in San Fernando County, a rural area in Tamaulipas. Last August, dozens of U.S.-bound migrants were found shot to death on a ranch about 90 miles from the Texas border.

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