Blasts, gunfire take toll in Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq, April 6 (UPI) -- A suicide bombing and roadside explosions in several locations in Iraq killed at least nine people and wounded 14, officials said Wednesday.

In Baaj, west Mosul, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest in a car shop, killing three people and wounding seven, al-Sumaria reported.


Authorities said a police officer was killed in an armed attack in Mahlabiah, west Mosul.

Also in Mosul, men armed with silenced guns shot and killed a goldsmith, police said.

Al-Sumaria reported two roadside bombs detonated in rapid succession, killing two people and wounding six in northern Baghdad.

An Iraqi government employee was killed during an attack in Zayouna region, police said.

An Awakening Council member was killed and another council member wounded in Babel when two explosives detonated about 160 feet apart, police said.

In Anbar province, officials imposed a curfew on vehicular and bike traffic until further notice, Iraq satellite TV reported Wednesday. Officials said the curfew was a preventive measure to discourage terrorist activities.

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