Fiery demonstrations rock Oman

MUSCAT, Oman, March 13 (UPI) -- Demonstrators demanding political reform in Oman Sunday torched a government building, Gulf News reported.

Protests against the government of Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed in the country of 3 million people were reported in Ibri, 210 miles northeast of the capital, Muscat, and Sohar, 140 miles north of the capital, the report said.


In Ibri, demonstrators set fire to a regional official's house and an adjacent government building, the news agency said.

There was no report of injuries in any of the demonstrations.

In the port city of Sohar, protesters blocked a key roundabout traffic circle, halting commercial traffic, the report said.

In his latest concession to protesters, the sultan announced Sunday he had replaced the country's inspector general of police and customs, Gulf News said.

The demonstrations have primarily focused on unemployment and wages, and since the protests began, Saeed has raised the minimum wage, introduced unemployment benefits and fired most of his cabinet, The Financial Times said.

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