U.S. student missing in Spain

MADRID, March 7 (UPI) -- A San Diego State University student was reported missing while studying in Spain and authorities are looking for him throughout Europe, school officials said.

The student, Austin Bice, was last seen in the early hours of Feb. 27 when he told friends he would walk home from a nightclub in Madrid, SDSU's Daily Aztec reported Sunday.


Bice is a senior studying international business at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid along with seven other SDSU international business students, one of whom alerted Spanish authorities to Bice's disappearance.

"SDSU is providing support where we can," SDSU representative Gina Jacobs said. "We are very concerned and are staying in constant contact with the family."

Bice's father has flown to Madrid to assist authorities with the search.

Brittany Johnson, an SDSU senior who lived in Madrid last year, said she was stunned by the disappearance.

"I felt 100 percent safe the whole time I was in Madrid," she said. "I walked home by myself multiple times. People are always out and on the streets at nighttime, so this is strange and very sad."

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