Putin taps Chapman for Russian Parliament

MOSCOW, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Former Russian spy Anna Chapman, deported from the United States last year, will run for Parliament under the prime minister's ruling party, officials said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Moscow tapped Chapman, 28, one of 10 Russian spies sent back to Russia last year, to run under the banner of his United Russia Party in the December elections as the candidate for Parliament representing southern Russia's Volgograd region, The Daily Telegraph of London reported Thursday.


Chapman, a native of the area, will probably win the position, as Putin's is the only viable party in Russia and is expected to retain power for many years, the newspaper said.

Chapman is currently a leader of United Russia's youth wing and has been charged with the task of instilling patriotism in Russian youth.

She also has a television program, has done some modeling and has trademarked her name, presumably to branch out into business, the newspaper said.

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