New evidence surfaces in newlywed murder

LONDON, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- New evidence indicates the bride of a British millionaire killed while they were honeymooning was sexually assaulted before she was shot, officials said.

Anni Dewani's husband Shrien faces extradition to South Africa for the Nov. 13 slaying of his Swedish-born wife near Cape Town, The Sunday Telegraph reported.


Police in South Africa accused Dewani, 31, of paying a taxi driver to have his wife killed while the couple were honeymooning in Cape Town.

But a witness who saw the woman's body in the back seat of the taxi where she was shot said her underwear was below her knees and her dress was pulled up.

The report casts doubt on the official police claim she was the victim of an execution on the orders of her husband, who is from Bristol, England.

The Sunday Telegraph said it reviewed the autopsy report that clearly shows dark bruises consistent with "finger mark" grips on Anni Dewani's leg.

The bullet that killed the 28-year-old bride passed through her hand and grazed her shoulder before entering her neck.

The newspaper said experts hired by Shrien Dewani indicate her attacker might have been trying to pull her legs apart and that her raised hand indicates a struggle.


South African police said she wasn't sexually assaulted before she was killed. The Sunday Telegraph said it reviewed the autopsy report and concluded she might have been accidentally killed as she tried to prevent a sexual assault.

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