Canada admits record number of immigrants

Feb. 14, 2011 at 10:36 AM
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TORONTO, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- Canada gave a record number of immigrants permission to enter the country in 2010 and it could make changes to give more a chance to immigrate, officials say.

It admitted more than 280,600 new, permanent residents in 2010, the highest number in 57 years, the Toronto Star reported Sunday. That's 6 percent more than its maximum target of 265,000.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said skilled workers who had a job offer when they applied for permanent residence made an average of $79,200 annually three years after arriving in Canada.

Kenney said Canada could change the method by which it decides on who can apply for permanent residence. Applicants are now required to score so many points on a test before getting permission to enter.

He said that sometimes blocks potential residents without college degrees or language proficiency but who have job skills in demand in Canada.

"We need to be more flexible … skilled trades people who don't have university degrees or who have very limited English or French language proficiency typically cannot make it through the points grid, but we have a huge and growing need for skilled trade people," said Kenney.

"Rather than locking them out of the skilled worker program, I'm looking at ways we can accommodate people who don't have university degrees, who don't have full language proficiency to come through that program."

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