Kremlin spy Chapman turns TV host

MOSCOW, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Former Russian spy Anna Chapman won't talk about her days of deep cover in the United States, but she is discussing other spooky topics on her new TV show.

Chapman, who was expelled by the United States last year, is the host of "Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman," a Russian TV series examining unexplained phenomena and unsolved historical mysteries.


The comely 28-year-old agent has since become a celebrity, doing modeling gigs and making TV appearances. A condition of her deal with U.S. authorities is never to talk about her days as a spy.

Britain's The Daily Telegraph said Saturday her debut episode Friday examined stigmata, the development of strange marks on religious people. A similar tale comes from southern Russia, where a man claims verses from the Koran appeared on the body of his infant son.

Other episodes will include a case of spontaneous combustion and the disappearance of the so-called amber room, a room in a czarist palace made entirely of amber that disappeared after being hauled away by the Germans during World War II.

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