Bitter cold sets records in South Korea

SEOUL, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- South Korea shivered in bitter cold Sunday, with the lowest temperatures in decades recorded in some places, the weather agency said.

The southern port city of Busan hit 10 degrees Fahrenheit, its lowest number in 96 years, the Korea Meteorological Administration told Yonhap.


Ulsan, another southeastern port, reached 8, its lowest since 1967. Seoul hit zero, its lowest temperature in a decade.

The agency said the coldest spot in the country Sunday morning was Cheorwon, a town in Gangwon province near the North Korean frontier. It recorded a bone-chilling minus 12.

Ferry service was suspended at major ports on the southern coasts, including Mokpo.

Water pipes froze and burst across the country, including in Seoul, where 123 reports were filed.

The cold spell is expected to abate Tuesday, but temperatures will remain below normal all week, with morning lows in Seoul around minus 10, said the KMA.

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