Double suicide bombing kills 14 in Iraq

RAMADI, Iraq, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- A double suicide bombing killed at least 14 people and wounded 53 in the Iraqi city of Ramadi Monday, police said.

Four police officers were among the dead, Anbar provincial Police Chief Rahim Zaban told al-Sumaria TV network.


About 9:30 a.m., a suicide bomber detonated a minibus filled with explosives near the entrance to a government compound, The New York Times reported.

Witnesses said that as police officers and citizens gathered at the scene, another suicide bomber wearing a military uniform detonated his explosive vest in their midst, the newspaper said.

Police evacuated the area, fearing a third attack.

A police official told the Times the death toll had reached 14 with 53 people wounded. It was the second time in two weeks a government compound in Ramadi has been targeted and followed a recent round-up of 93 suspected militants, the Times noted.

No group had claimed responsibility for the latest attack.

"The terrorist organizations do not want Anbar province to be stable or participate in the political process," Aifan Sadoon al-Aifan, head of Anbar's provincial security committee, told the Times.

The attack, he said, was "a weak message from the terrorists trying to disturb ... security improvements."


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