Man sues for stolen items and lost time

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- A passenger has sued Air Canada for the value of Christmas presents he says were stolen and for the time he spent trying to get the airline's attention.

Peter Darcy said he only realized when he arrived home in British Columbia that the locks were broken on his bags and valuables missing inside, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. He said everything was intact when he checked in at London's Heathrow Airport Dec. 15.


He then spent frustrating hours on the phone. One woman who told him she was in Delhi asked him what an RCMP is, apparently unaware of the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Darcy filed a lawsuit in small claims court Thursday. He is seeking $2,643 for $1,000 lost to theft and $1,643 in lost time.

"I'm as aggrieved at wasting four days of my time as I am of being a victim of the whole thing," Darcy said. "It's quite frustrating."

Darcy told CBC he is also concerned because the theft shows someone could also break into a suitcase and insert an explosive device.

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