Report: La Familia cartel leader killed

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- Mexican officials said Friday they are trying to verify "preliminary information" indicating a major La Familia drug cartel leader has been killed.

Government spokesman Alejandro Poire said authorities are trying to determine if the leader, reported to be Nazario Moreno, was killed during two days of firefights between federal forces and the cartel, The Guardian reported.


Initial reports from Mexican media outlets indicated Moreno, aka "The Craziest One," died sometime during the skirmishes that began Wednesday in the city of Apatzingan. But chaos created by the cartel, including the commandeering of vehicles and the placement of burning barricades along routes in and out of the state of Michoacan, have made a rapid assessment of the situation nearly impossible.

La Familia is one of the youngest major cartels in Mexico, appearing on the scene in late 2006.

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