Indonesia monitoring volcano's activity

JAKARTA, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Indonesian volcano experts have installed digital cameras to monitor a volcano they say has been showing an increase in activity recently.

Authorities have imposed an alert status for Mount Merapi since Sept. 23, and the cameras are intended to gather more visual data on its activity, The Jakarta Post reported.


Visual observation from the cameras would be carried out via the Internet, Agung Nandaka, an official of the Yogyakarta Volcanic Technology Development and Research Center, said.

"The data can be accessed in real time because our visual observation results are developed based on the Internet," he said.

Other observation methods, such as seismic and volcanic observations, peak deformation and temperature observations would still be carried out, he said.

Mount Merapi's activities have continued to increase, marked by tremors and lava discharge, he said.

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