Military runs Ecuador after coup attempt

QUITO, Ecuador, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Ecudorean President Rafael Correa has extended his declaration of a national emergency, meaning the military will hold onto ruling powers in Quito.

The 47-year-old U.S. college-educated president extended a state of emergency for an indefinite period Saturday, effectively stripping police of their powers and giving the military the role of maintaining national security, CNN reported.


Correa was attacked at a hospital by police officers Sept. 30, angered by a new law that affects their bonuses.

Subsequent political violence in Ecuador led to at least four deaths and left almost 200 people injured, the report said.

Congressional opposition members deny Correa's claim of a coup attempt.

Congressman Gilmar Gutierrez told CNN the situation was orchestrated.

"Everything was staged by the president to hide the extreme corruption and to hide the poverty, hunger and unemployment that have risen to an alarming level," he said.

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