Estimated 30 dead in Colombia landslide

MEDELLIN, Colombia, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- Authorities in Colombia said Wednesday they had given up hope of finding survivors among the estimated 30 people believed buried in a landslide this week.

Jorge Humberto Moreno Salazar, a spokesman for the governor's office in Antioquia department, told the newspaper El Espectador "there is no hope," Colombia Reports said.


"There are tons of rocks on these people," Moreno was quoted as saying. "Many hours have passed. This is no possibility of finding anyone alive."

About 3.5 million cubic feet of earth slid down on the area Monday, leaving hundreds of rescue workers scrambling to find survivors while threatened by further slides, all to no avail.

"The terrain is very unstable at the top of the landslide. At the left side are cracks a meter wide and if it continues to rain the water could enter, cause pressure and create a new landslide," Moreno said.

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