Air passenger 'excited,' police called in

OTTAWA, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- Police in Ottawa were called in after a passenger on a WestJet flight from Vancouver, British Columbia, became unruly, authorities said.

The incident aboard Flight 564 began in Vancouver Sunday when a passenger allegedly became angry over seating, the Ottawa Citizen reported.


Passengers said the man complained about another passenger taking his seat.

"When the gentleman came on the plane, somebody was sitting in his seat, and I guess he got a little excited," passenger Rob Laird said. "And then later on during the flight they escorted him out of that seat and took him to the back. They kept him in the back."

The flight continued without incident, arriving in Ottawa just after 6 p.m.

Passengers were asked to remain in their seats while a few people were escorted off the plane, Laird said.

"We see some guy walk up from the back with a pistol on his hip who escorted a gentleman off the plane with other people that were with him," Laird said.

Ottawa police were refusing to discuss the incident, saying only that they were investigating, the Citizen reported.

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