Authorities claim plot against monarchy

BANGKOK, April 27 (UPI) -- Thailand's anti-government demonstrators took their protest to the provinces even as authorities said they discovered a plot to bring down the monarchy.

The Center for the Resolution to the Emergency Situation alleged the plotters included some of the main leaders of the group leading the Red Shirt protests, former banned politicians, academicians and some community radio programs, the Bangkok Post reported Tuesday.


The claim comes a day after Thailand's revered and ailing King Bhumibol Adulyadej made his first public comment since the protests began last month. Addressing a group of judges, the 82-year-old monarch did not directly comment on the protest but urged them to do their job with honesty.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said the emergency center had put together pieces of the "political jigsaw" about the plot, the Post reported, adding Abhisit and the military have long suspected the protest had more goals than the dissolution of parliament.

The emergency center ordered the protesters to stop their blockade of roads in the provinces to prevent security forces from entering Bangkok or face a joint police-military crackdown.

In an interview with CNN, Abhisit said: "We recognize that as every day passes by, the people of Thailand suffer, the country suffers, but we want to make sure that there is rule of law."


The CNN report quoted some media and analysts as saying there could be more trouble as another group calling itself the "multi-colored shirts" has emerged, demanding the government get tougher against the Red Shirts. More than two dozens people already have died since the protests began.

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