Alleged polygamist faces sex charges

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- An Israeli man who lived with 32 women and numerous children was charged Sunday with multiple counts of sex offenses and deception, court records show.

Goel Ratzon, a resident of Tel Aviv, allegedly used charm and powers of persuasion to "get hold of intelligent women and turn them into slaves with no personal desire," some of the women testified. and The Jerusalem Post reported details of their testimony.


The alleged polygamist was arrested last month and faces rape, sodomy and indecent assault charges. Some of his victims were minors, the newspaper reported.

Ratzon allegedly established "a status of an omnipotent with healing, destruction and cursing capabilities", whereby he completely controlled all aspects of his wives' lives, the indictment said.

"The defendant captured the women in a human group structure with the nature of a pseudo-family revolving around the ritual of his image, turning the birth of his children into a supreme goal the wives must aspire to, all with the aim of glorifying him while serving him and providing all his needs," the indictment said.

"I didn't see any complaints. The women were happy. Today all of the sudden it's the opposite," Ratzon's son said.


"They can say things about me, (but) they're not true. They are putting the squeeze on me during investigation," Goel said.

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