Group airing graphic anti-abortion TV ad

KELOWNA, British Columbia, Jan. 31 (UPI) -- An anti-abortion group in Kelowna, Canada, says it is running a graphic advertisement on a local TV station to take a stand against abortions.

Kelowna Right to Life executive director Marlon Bartram said his 400-member group is paying to have the advertisement, which features the severed hand of a fetus, aired Monday on the Kelowna TV station CHBC, The Province reported Sunday.


"Why run it now? Because they are killing children now," Bartram said of the 60-second advertisement titled "Everyone Against Abortion, Please Raise Your Hand."

"This is the hand of a child that was aborted. Let us mourn for these children. May our hearts be broken enough for God to enter and stir us to action to defend their lives," a message featured in the advertisement reads.

Bartram said the advertisement, which was created by a group called Priests for Life, will likely be the first time a body part from an aborted fetus is shown on television in Canada.

"I am sure there will be people claiming that the ads should not be allowed to be run on TV," he told The Province.


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