Thousands protest Harper's parliament move

OTTAWA, Jan. 24 (UPI) -- Thousands of people turned out Saturday in cities across Canada to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to suspend Parliament.

Organizers said more than 60 demonstrations were to be held, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. Expatriates were expected to protest in London and in some U.S. cities.


Two of the largest rallies were in the capital, Ottawa, and largest city, Toronto.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff addressed the crowd on Parliament Hill.

"This is a demonstration that shows that Canadians understand their democracy, care for their democracy and if necessary will fight for their democracy," Ignatieff said. "This demonstration does not belong to the politicians of any party, it belongs to the Canadian people."

In Montreal, 300 people marched through the city to a rally, with leaders of the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberal Party walking side by side in the front line, the Montreal Gazette reported. A march and rally in Edmonton also attracted hundreds of people, the Edmonton Sun said.

Harper announced late last month that Parliament would not be in session until after the Vancouver Olympics.

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