Scientist recommends dog breeding rules

LONDON, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- A scientist commissioned to study the operations of the British Kennel Club recommends stripping the club of its regulatory powers.

Sir Patrick Bateson, president of the British Zoological Society of London, in a report to be published Thursday, said the club should not be setting standards for dog breeds and regulating breeders, The Daily Telegraph said. He wants a separate regulatory agency.


The Kennel Club has been under scrutiny since a BBC documentary, Pedigree Dogs Exposed, reported that dogs of many breeds are now so inbred they are subject to devastating congenital conditions. In 2009, the BBC refused to broadcast Crufts, one of the world's major dog shows.

The club brought in Bateson believing he would issue a favorable report, the Telegraph said, citing sources. If that was the hope, it was not fulfilled.

Bateson also recommended setting up a system for breeder accreditation with regular inspections of facilities.

"I think regulation is the only way to do it," he said. "The public need to insist they know the pedigree of a dog and that it has been properly looked after, and only go to accredited breeders."


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