Pirates set deadline for British captives

MOGADISHU, Somalia, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Somali pirates have set a deadline for ransoming a British couple, threatening to kill Paul and Rachel Chandler if their demands are not met within two months.

The couple were captured in October as they sailed their yacht, the Lynn Rival, from the Seychelles to Tanzania. Their captors originally demanded $7 million for their release, although the figure was later reduced, The Daily Telegraph reported.


The Daily Mail quoted a pirate who identified himself as Noor.

"We are giving an ultimatum of two months from Jan. 1," he said. "If we are not paid $3 million we are ready to shoot them. It is becoming too expensive to hold these people. By March, they have to decide or we will be done with them."

The couple live in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Chandler, 59, is a retired surveyor and his wife, 55, an economist.

Since they were brought to Somalia, the Chandlers have been held on land.

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