300 Africans removed from Calabrian town

ROSARNO, Italy, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- Police removed 300 African farm laborers Saturday from a small town in southern Italy, a day after immigrants held a violent protest against attacks.

More assaults took place Saturday in Rosarno, The Guardian reported, and officials said one laborer was shot with a pellet gun and another beaten with metal bars.


Laura Boldrini, a United Nations official, visited abandoned factories in the Calabrian town that have been converted into dormitories for the fruit pickers.

"There is a very serious security problem here and many immigrants working on local farms are scared and just want to get out, even though many have not been paid," she said.

Local residents stood by and applauded as the Africans were loaded on trucks.

At least 66 people were injured Friday during a protest march against a shooting Thursday.

Some experts suggest 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mob, is behind the local reaction.

Antonio Bellocco, 29, who has relatives in the Bellocco clan in 'Ndrangheta, was among those arrested.

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