British man found frozen in fountain

BRADFORD, England, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- The body of a British man who died of a heart attack has been found frozen in a city center fountain, authorities say.

Police in Bradford, West Yorkshire, said two teenagers found the body of Trevor Farr, 55, Monday, encased in the frozen waters of a fountain outside Bradford Magistrates' Court. Authorities said Farr apparently suffered a heart attack as he was passing the fountain Friday night and fell into it, the Daily Mail reported.


The newspaper said the truck driver was on his way home after playing dominoes with colleagues at a demolition firm when he died. Ironically, the newspaper said, it was the same workmates who were asked by local authorities to cordon off the area when a body was discovered. Only later did they realize it was Farr's.

Mark Farr, 33, told the Mail the loss is even more difficult because of the time of the year.

"My daughters are too young to understand properly, but they can sense something is wrong and they keep asking," said Farr, a father of two.

"I hope it doesn't ruin their Christmas. Dad wouldn't have wanted that."


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