Ferry passengers angry over storm ordeal

PRINCE RUPERT, British Columbia, Nov. 24 (UPI) -- Passengers aboard a British Columbia Ferries trip who were thrown about the ship by a fierce storm are questioning why the vessel set out in the first place.

The Northern Adventure departed from Prince Rupert on the northern mainland across the Hecate Strait to Skidegate early Monday carrying 97 passengers and 48 cars, the Canwest News Service reported Tuesday.


An hour later, the ship encountered a severe storm and began rocking and pitching in waves passengers said were 30 feet high, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

For four hours, the ship was battered before the captain decided to turn around, the reports said.

BC Ferries spokeswoman Deborah Marshall told Canwest there were four minor injuries among crew members and four cars were damaged in the incident.

Environment Canada had warned the storm would bring 50 mph winds and high seas.

Fisherman Wilson Brown told the CBC he's been fishing crab in the area for 37 years and questioned the wisdom of setting out when there was a severe storm in the forecast.

"Smart people don't go out in that kind of weather," he said.

Passenger Tara Sjolund agreed.


"The captain got himself caught in that storm we never, ever should have been out on, " she said.

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