Saudi Arabia takes land back from rebels

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 8 (UPI) -- Saudi Arabia said Sunday it has assumed control of the region of Jabal Dokhan, which was temporarily under the control of Yemeni rebels.

Saudi Arabia's assistant defense minister, Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz, said the rebels entered his country's borders and the measures taken to re-assume control of Jabal Dokhan occurred entirely within Saudi Arabia, CNN reported.


"Our directive... was to fix and take control of the situation only within our borders and not to interfere inside Yemen's borders," Abdul-Aziz said.

The Saudi government confirmed Friday the rebel forces in the mountainous region were targeted by airstrikes.

Abdul-Aziz said the airstrikes came in response to a rebel attack on border guards Tuesday that left three Saudi security force members dead and 15 more injured.

CNN said the rebels, suspected of being members of the Houthi militant group operating in Yemen, alleged the airstrikes targeted sites in Yemen. That claim was quickly dismissed by the Yemeni government.

"The Houthi insurgents continue to disseminate false information to deflect media attention from their collapsing morals and foothold," the Yemeni Embassy in Washington said in a statement.

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