Jordan prince urges more cooperation

Prince El-Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (UPI Photo/Keizo Mori)
Prince El-Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (UPI Photo/Keizo Mori) | License Photo

AMMAN, Jordan, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- Jordan's Prince Hassan bin Talaal says there's too little regional cooperation in the Middle East and is hoping a "culture of partnership" will take hold.

In a letter written to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, the Jordanian leader said, "Friendships have to be formed and what I call a 'culture of partnership' has to be formed," reported Monday.


The prince's letter was to be presented at Jerusalem ceremonies marking the occasion by the Hebrew University's Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace. Hassan is unable to attend due to prior engagements, said.

Noting the treaty called for regional cooperation on security, Hassan wrote, "I hope we soon see the day when we can discuss the broader issue -- the fact that no real effort is being made by the region to solve and prevent the (Israeli-Palestinian) conflict."

The anniversary comes at a time when relations between the countries have been strained by riots at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in which Amman has urged Israel to restrain Jewish right-wingers from entering the compound, the Web site said.

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