Czech president causes delay in EU treaty

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- Czech President Vaclav Klaus brought up a new obstacle to ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, leaving the Czech Republic the wild card in its implementation.

Klaus demanded extra guarantees on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, but would not be more specific to the other European Union leaders until his country's Constitutional Court answers several challenges from 17 of the country's senators, The Times of London reported. .


Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said on Wednesday he expected his country to ratify the treat this year, but political infighting continues in Prague, The New York Times reported.

All 37 EU nations need to ratify the treaty. Ireland held a referendum recently which overwhelmingly supported the treaty, leaving the Czech Republic and Poland the last two votes needed. Poland is expected to ratify the treaty this weekend.

Both Britain and Poland asked for protocols in the treaty that stated it would not give the European Court of Justice new areas of jurisdiction over domestic laws. Klaus may be holding out for a similar agreement, the report said.

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