5 high schoolers wounded by gunfire during 'senior skip day' in Md. park

By Ehren Wynder

April 20 (UPI) -- A "senior skip day" gathering at a Maryland park turned violent, leaving five people shot and one in critical condition, according to police.

Greenbelt, Md., Police Chief Richard Bowers told reporters Friday officers were dispatched to an event at Schrom Hills Park in the Washington, D.C., suburb, in which more than 500 high school students had gathered there for a "skip day" water gun fight.


Officers were monitoring the scene when they heard eight to 10 gunshots fired around 3 p.m. local time.

Five young men, ages 16-18, had been shot. Police administered first aid, and the victims were then taken to a hospital. One was reported in critical condition and the other four were in stable condition, Bowers said.

Officers did not locate the shooter. Authorities said they believe the suspect took advantage of the fleeing crowd to leave the scene.

"This is a horrible, senseless, tragic act that happened today," Bowers said. "There is absolutely no reason that this occurred. It is senseless. It is chronic in our society, and we have to do something to stop it.


"These were kids on senior skip day who were looking to have a good time at a local park. And to have something like this occur, it's just maddening, honestly."

Senior skip day is an annual tradition for high school seniors in the area, according to officials.

The investigation is ongoing.

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