People remain unaccounted for in Iowa building collapse

May 30 (UPI) -- A woman was pulled safely from the wreckage of a partially collapsed building in Davenport, Iowa, Monday evening, but officials Tuesday say there are a number of people who remain missing.

Davenport Mayor Mike Matson said during a media briefing Tuesday that five people remain missing after the six-story structure collapsed Sunday afternoon, while two may still be trapped inside.


Until Monday evening, officials had said there were no credible reports of any missing people in the debris of the collapse.

Nine survivors had been rescued as of Monday, including Lisa Brooks, who spent 24 hours hiding inside the partially collapsed building before first responders found her.

"This is an active incident that is very fluid and ever-evolving," Matson said during the Tuesday news conference. "But understand, please, I and the city (are) committed to finding out why."

Rescuers immediately saved seven people after the weekend collapse of the 116-year-old building. Exterior work was being conducted on the building at the time.

"We're very sympathetic to the possibility that there's two people (trapped)," Fire Marshal Jim Morris said Tuesday during the news conference.


The building's lack of structural integrity is hampering the ability of first responders to conduct more searches.

A weekend social-media post by Facebook user Caleb Tvedt showed a middle section of the building demolished, while the rest still stands. "I am in Davenport, Iowa, and just down the street this building collapsed," Tvedt posted on Sunday.

Meanwhile, officials in Iowa's third-largest city said Tuesday they are "continually evaluating" the demolition of the rest of the building in the wake of the collapse.

"Demolition is a multi-phase process that includes permitting and staging of equipment that will begin today. The timing of the physical demolition of the property is still being evaluated. The building remains structurally insecure and in imminent danger of collapse," the city said in a statement.

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