Married couple sentenced for attempting to assist ISIS

Feb. 5 (UPI) -- A married couple was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempting to travel to the Middle East to fight alongside ISIS.

James Bradley, 21, and 30-year-old Arwa Muthana were also sentenced to 11 years of supervised release after the completion of their prison sentence by Judge Paul Engelmayer of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Friday, the Justice Department announced.


Bradley, also known as Abdullah, is from the Bronx borough of New York City and began expressing "violent extremist views" in at least 2019, including in correspondence with an undercover agent beginning in 2020, the Justice Department said.

During one discussion with the agent, Bradley said he wanted to attack a U.S. military base.

The couple, who married in 2021, continued to discuss plans to join and aid ISIS, according to federal prosecutors.

They communicated with an undercover agent on several occasions to coordinate transportation to the Middle East by cargo ship.

Muthana, from the town of Hoover in Alabama, went with Bradley to New York days after marrying with the intention of boarding a ship. They were arrested on their way to the ship.


"After Muthana was arrested, she waived her Miranda rights and stated during an interview that she was willing to fight and kill Americans if it was for Allah," the Justice Department said in the news release.

Bradley and Muthana both pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS in September. The maximum sentence for the crime is 20 years in prison.

Before and during their marriage, Bradley regularly shared "extremist content" and views online, including videos of the stabbing of a New York police officer and ISIS members shooting a soldier.

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