Suspect arrested in fatal restaurant shooting over mayo on sandwich

June 27 (UPI) -- Police said Monday a suspect has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of an Atlanta sandwich shop employee, allegedly by a customer unhappy with the amount of mayonnaise he received.

Brittany Macon, 26, and a 24-year-old female colleague working at a Subway sandwich shop in downtown Atlanta were shot late Sunday following an argument with a male customer who complained about his sandwich, Deputy Atlanta Police Chief Charles Hampton said at a briefing.


Macon was later pronounced dead at a hospital while her co-worker, whose identity was withheld, remained in critical condition after being shot in front of her 5-year-old child.

A 36-year-old Atlanta man was arrested shortly after the shooting.

"This was a very tragic situation that did not have to occur," Hampton said, adding that the arrest was made based on a citizen's tip supplied to police.

"Too much mayo on a sandwich... and an individual with a gun who decided that that was the course of action to resolve the conflict," he said. "This is someone who failed to resolve a conflict by just walking away or just having a conversation to re-order the sandwich.


"He decided to take actions into his own hands, and now we have families who are devastated, even his family."

Willie Glenn, co-owner of the Subway location near Mercedes-Benz Stadium, told WSB-TV both women were recent hires and described them as "model employees," adding that the shooter had been in the store before.

"It just breaks my heart, to know that someone has the audacity to point a weapon, and shoot someone for as little as too much mayonnaise on a sandwich," he said.

A third store employee present during the incident was also armed and fired back at the suspect, he said.

Everyday arguments that escalate into gunfire comprise the biggest share of homicides in Atlanta so far this year, Interim Police Chief Darin Schierbaum told reporters.

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