Court documents in Proud Boys case detail plans to occupy Capitol

Court documents in Proud Boys case detail plans to occupy Capitol
A court document titled "1776 Returns" has been filed in federal court in the case against former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and four others. The document details plans to occupy Capitol buildings on Jan. 6, 2021. File Photo by Gamal Diab/EPA-EFE

June 15 (UPI) -- Court documents filed in federal court Wednesday in the case against extremist group Proud Boys detailed plans to occupy buildings at the on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021, for what it called "free and fair elections."

The nine-page document was filed as part of a recent motion made by one of Enrique Tarrio's co-defendants. Tarrio, 38, and four others were indicted last week on seditious conspiracy charges in the attack. Five people died in connection with the riots and more than 100 police officers sustained injuries.


The document, which was given to Tarrio, includes lists and maps showing targeted buildings where "the goal is to ensure there is an entry point for the masses to rush the building."

The buildings listed include the three Senate and House offices, the Supreme Court and CNN offices to "at least egg the doorway."

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"We must show our politicians We the People are in charge," the document said without calling for violence against police or members of Congress. Instead, it called for a group of 50 "patriots" to occupy each building.

The document also outlined five days of "preparation" leading up to what was called "Storm the Winter Palace," including how to recruit members, scope out road closures and inspect buildings with "leads" dressed in suits.


On the day of the attack, it instructed participants around Washington, D.C., to pull fire alarms at various stores, hotels and museums in order to distract law enforcement and to use "COVID compliance in your favor to protect your identity."

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"We need as many people as possible inside these buildings. These are OUR buildings, they are just renting space," the document said.

The group's demands are outlined in a "Patriot Plan" section, which called for a new election on Jan. 20, 2021, with "paper ballots only, no electronic voting, no mail-in ballots, no absentee ballots and in-person voting with an ID to be monitored by the National Guard," the document said.

Prosecutors said Tarrio helped coordinate the attack, even though he was not at the Capitol when it was stormed. Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl and Dominic Pezzola are also charged with conspiring to overthrow the government or prevent the execution of U.S. law.

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Capitol Hill police salute the passing of the funeral hearse on Sunday for slain Officer Brian Sicknick, who died in the rioting at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Photo by Mike Theiler/UPI | License Photo

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