Court to determine if Nathan Carman competent for trial in mother's 2016 murder

May 26 (UPI) -- Nathan Carman, who was charged earlier this month in an eight-count indictment for allegedly murdering his mother in 2016 so he could inherit millions of dollars, will face a hearing Friday to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

Carman was charged with the crimes -- in a scheme that allegedly included killing his grandfather, as well -- in an indictment unveiled on May 10.


The hearing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. EDT in Burlington.

Carman pleaded not guilty to the charges on May 11.

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The indictment includes wire and mail fraud prosecutors said was part of a scheme to murder both his grandfather and his mother to get money by defrauding the multi-million dollar trust of his grandfather, John Chakalos.

"On or about September 17-18, 2016, within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, defendant Nathan Carman unlawfully killed Linda Carman with malice aforethought. Moreover, Nathan Carman killed Linda Carman willfully, deliberately, maliciously, and with premeditation," the indictment says.

The indictment does not charge Carman with Chakalos' murder, but declares, "On Dec. 20, 2013, Nathan Carman murdered his grandfather, John Chakalos, shooting him twice" with a Sig Sauer rifle in his Windsor, Conn., home.


The indictment alleges that Carman planned to kill his mother, during a September 2016 fishing trip aboard the vessel Chicken Pox. The trip started from Ram Point Marina in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

"After leaving the marina, Nathan Carman killed his mother, Linda Carman, and eventually sank the Chicken Pox," the indictment said.

Federal prosecutors said in the indictment, "As a central part of this scheme, Nathan Carman murdered John Chakalos and Linda Carman. He concocted cover stories to conceal his involvement in these killings."

Carman allegedly discarded his computer and the GPS unit in his truck the night of Chakalos' death and lied to law enforcement agencies investigating the killing.

After Chakalos was murdered, Carman received approximately $500,000 as a result of the death.

Carman was picked up on a raft at sea in 2016 and claimed he did everything to help his mother when the Chicken Pox boat sank.

If convicted of murder on the high seas, Carman faces mandatory life imprisonment.

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