Amber Heard alleges years of abuse as cross examination begins

Amber Heard alleges years of abuse as cross examination begins
Actress Amber Heard testified Monday that actor Johnny Depp throw a cell phone at her, hitting her in the face. File Photo by Hugo Philpott/UPI | License Photo

May 16 (UPI) -- Actress Amber Heard continued to testify Monday in a defamation case brought against her by her former husband, actor Johnny Depp, detailing years of violence she allegedly sustained during her nearly five-year relationship with the man.

Heard took to the stand Monday and concluded testifying under direct examination following a week-long hiatus in the $50 million lawsuit Depp filed against her over a 2018 op-ed published in The Washington Post in which she described herself as a victim of sexual violence and domestic abuse.


Depp has said that article has resulted in damaging her career while accusing her of abusing him.

Heard detailed before the jury Monday a relationship marked by violence she suffered that began in early 2012.

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"The violence was normal," she said in testimony broadcast online by the Law & Crime Network.


She said there was a period of peace that year when Depp was sober but before and after were "violent and chaotic."

The jury were also shown photos of Heard that she says show physical evidence of scars, bruising and swelling she sustained as the result of Depp's abuse.

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In particular, the jury saw images of her face red and swollen taken after an incident in May 2016 during which she accused Depp of throwing a cell phone at her that hit her near the eye.

Days after the incident, she filed for divorce.

"That is my face after the phone incident," she said as the jury was shown one of the pictures.

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She told the jury Depp threw the phone at her during a meeting between the two following a month of separation that occurred while their relationship unraveled.

She said Depp had called her and wanted to see her after the death of his mother and they made a plan to meet.

During the meeting, Depp brought up the issue of feces he found in their bed that he accused her or her friends of being responsible for, she said. She told the jury she thought the feces was "a delusion he was having" and that she then called a friend on speaker phone to mediate.


Depp grabbed the phone and screamed at the person on the other end of the line before tossing it to the couch and leaving the room, she said, adding she then called the person back to apologize and that person instructed her \ to leave the house and that she was not safe.

She said Depp heard the warning and came back and grabbed the phone that he threw at her face.

"I put my head in my hands and immediately started crying," she said.

During cross examination of Heard that began in the afternoon, one of Depp's attorneys, Camille Vasquez, accused her of abusing her client.

Vasquez played a recording for the jury in which Heard is heard instructing Depp to "[t]ell the world, Johnny, ... I, Johnny Depp, man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence."

Vasquez asked her to confirm if that was her speaking.

"I was saying it to the man who beat me up, yes," Heard replied. "I thought it was preposterous."

"And the man you beat up numerous times, right Ms. Heard?"

"I could never hurt Johnny," Heard said.

Vasquez then told Heard that she didn't think Depp would "tell the world that he was a victim of domestic violence, did you?


"I found it hard to believe that he could or that he would do that. Considering the relationship he and I have I thought it would be crazy for him to do so, knowing what I know we lived through," Heard said.

Asked if she told Depp to "tell the world" because she didn't think anyone would believe he was a victim of domestic violence because he's a man, Heard replied her comment had nothing to do with his gender.

"With all due respect, I wasn't saying it because he's a man, I was saying it because he was a man who beat me up for five years," she said.

"Mr. Depp is your victim, isn't he?" Vasquez asked.

"No, ma'am," Heard said.

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