New White House COVID-19 plan: 'We'll no longer let the virus dictate how we live'

New White House COVID-19 plan: 'We'll no longer let the virus dictate how we live'
The strategy released on Wednesday focuses partly on what can be done to prevent another viral outbreak, while avoiding economic and educational shutdowns. It also continues to promote vaccinations worldwide. File Photo by Oliver Contreras/UPI | License Photo

March 2 (UPI) -- The White House unveiled a new COVID-19 preparedness and management plan on Wednesday that details steps to prevent infection, keep serious illness and deaths down and be ready for potential new variants.

The main thrust of the 90-page National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, the White House said, is to keep COVID-19 from dictating how Americans live.


The strategy includes a map to continue addressing the coronavirus, but without serious disruptions to the economy, educational institutions and businesses nationwide.

"This plan lays out the roadmap to help us fight COVID-19 in the future as we move America from crisis to a time when COVID-19 does not disrupt our daily lives and is something we prevent, protect against, and treat," the White House said in a statement.

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"President Biden will not accept just 'living with COVID' any more than we accept living with cancer, Alzheimer's or AIDS," the report states. "Because of our work, we are no longer going to let COVID-19 dictate how we live."

The plan adds a focus on guarding against COVID-19 and treating the virus, including a "test to treat" program that would allow people to receive antiviral treatment pills immediately after testing positive, and developing a game plan for any new variants.


The plan says that 1 million antiviral pills will be available by the end of March, and twice that amount will be ready in April.

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The strategy also addresses what can be done to prevent another outbreak while avoiding economic and educational shutdowns. It also promotes vaccinations worldwide.

"We look to the future when Americans no longer fear lockdowns, shutdowns and our kids not going to school," the plan says in its executive summary. "It's a future when the country relies on the powerful layers of protection we have built and invests in the next generation of tools to stay ahead of the virus."

The White House said the plan is "clear-eyed" to the threat of new variants, but said Biden's administration will not stop addressing the outbreak.

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