New Nitro Pepsi has widget on bottom of can to create unique texture

By Rich Klein
PepsiCo introduced the first nitrogen-infused cola on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Pepsi
1 of 2 | PepsiCo introduced the first nitrogen-infused cola on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Pepsi

Feb. 23 (UPI) -- PepsiCo on Wednesday introduced the first nitrogen-infused cola, which it says results in smaller bubbles.

Called Nitro Pepsi, the company said that a unique widget is placed at the bottom of each soft drink can to achieve the effect and taste.


"This is the first time this type of widget technology, often seen in beer and coffee products, is being applied to the cola category and creates the frothy, foamy, smooth texture unique to Nitro Pepsi," the company said in a news release. "It does not look and taste like a traditional cola or soda, and in fact, it's best consumed differently as well."

The company said the new drink is best served cold, without ice, and sipped directly from the glass instead of a straw.

The drink will be available in two flavors -- Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola -- beginning March 28 in the newly designed cans.

"While soda has been a beverage of choice for so many consumers over the past century, some people still cite heavy carbonation as a barrier to enjoying an ice-cold cola," said Todd Kaplan, vice president of Pepsi's marketing. "With this in mind, we wanted to come up with a new way for people to enjoy delicious Pepsi cola, but with a new experience around the bubbles. Much like how nitrogen has transformed the beer and coffee categories, we believe Nitro Pepsi is a huge leap forward for the cola category and will redefine cola for years to come."


The company said that it first announced its intent to use the nitro technology in 2019.

PepsiCo and its chief competitor, Coca-Cola, both reported increased sales during the last quarter of 2021.

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