2 dead in Phoenix police standoff; 9 officers injured

Feb. 12 (UPI) -- Two people have died from gunshot injuries after an hours-long standoff with Phoenix police, nine of whom were injured in the incident, authorities said.

The Phoenix Police Department said a woman who has yet to be identified and a suspect, Morris Jones III, 36, died in the shooting early Friday. Five police officers sustained gunshot woulds in a shootout with Jones, while four were injured by shrapnel, Sgt Andy Williams said in a news conference.


Police Chief Jeri Williams told reporters she was proud of the "courageous" officers who responded to the scene.

"While they heal from their wounds, their brothers and sisters in blue will be back out there answering when you call," she said.

The standoff took place early Friday morning after police were called to a residence where a woman had been shot. When they arrived, Jones allegedly exited the residence and shot a police officer.

Backup arrived and surrounded the home and Jones tried unsuccessfully to get into a vehicle in the garage and leave by ramming into a patrol car, police said.

At some point, a man inside the residence brought a baby outside and placed it on the ground.


"As officers went to bring that baby to safety, the suspect continued to shoot, firing and striking four other officers," Jeri Williams said. "At that time our officers returned fire. The suspect then barricaded himself in the home."

Williams said that police fired back at the suspected gunman.

Police said officers with the Special Assignments Unit used a camera to look inside the residence and observed Jones not moving. Officers went inside and found both Jones and his ex-girlfriend shot. Both died from their injuries.

Of the nine officers injured, four were hospitalized and five were treated and released.

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