Mayor: Foul smell in Carson, Calif., likely produced by organic waste

Oct. 11 (UPI) -- Residents in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, Calif. have encountered a powerful smell coming from the Dominguez Channel, making some ill.

Carson Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes said in a Facebook post Sunday that organic waste material drying out after being exposed during low tide was the likely culprit. She said an earlier report of a pipeline leak has been ruled out.


"While the foul odor is believed to be hydrogen sulfide, [the South Coast Air Quality Management District] and the [Los Angeles] County Hazmat team do not believe the odors will cause health impacts beyond nausea and other nuisance type effects," Davis-Holmes said.

"The city of Carson does not control or maintain the Dominguez Channel. The lead agencies that are working together to solve this problem are AQMD, L.A. County Public Works and Health Department. Our L.A. County Supervisor Holly Mitchell is addressing our concerns and will be providing updates to me as more information becomes available."

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Mark Prestrella, director of public works, told KABC-TV the city may need help from Mother Nature to get rid of the awful smell.


"I can't really predict for you how long it will go, but as long as the material is there and we have the conditions we have right now -- no rain -- it could continue and it could be intermittent," Prestrella said.

Some residents said the smell cannot leave soon enough.

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"It's making us sick," Lorena Rodriguez told KABC-TV. "I've been suffering from migraines -- not only me but a lot of friends, family members, neighbors have been complaining about sickness. Me and my husband have been throwing up. [It's] not only us, but our animals."

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