Chicago shooting leaves 4 dead, 4 injured

June 15 (UPI) -- A shooting in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago on Tuesday left four people dead and four others injured, police said.

Among the deceased were three women and one man, who were pronounced dead at a South Side residence around 6 a.m., Chicago police Superintendent David Brown said.


Three men and a woman were taken to local hospitals, at least two in critical condition, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. A 2-year-old girl also was taken to Comer Children's Hospital for observations, but didn't appear to be injured.

Brown said no arrests have been made in the shooting and said there didn't appear to be signs of forced entry at the residence, where at least one of the victims is believed to have lived.

"All we know about this residence is there's been several calls there for disturbances," he said. "Overall, the block where this residence is located is fairly quiet, not much activity going on that requires a police response."

A witness told police they heard gunshots from the residence hours apart -- once at around 2 a.m. and again around 5 a.m. The witness notified the police each time.


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot described the shooting as a tragedy.

"It tells us that we still have much work to do in our mission to end gun violence here in Chicago and in particular, to limit the access of individuals to illegal guns," she said.

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