King Tide to cause flooding in portions of coastal South Florida

By Brandon Buckingham,

This month's new moon will bring exceptionally high-tide cycles to South Florida, threatening to cause flooding in coastal communities.

Portions of the Florida Keys and Barrier Islands east of Miami began to feel the effects of the incoming King Tide on Friday as saltwater erased area beaches and inundated low-lying roadways.


Successive high-tide cycles this weekend are expected to surpass levels seen on Friday.

Some locales across South Florida can expect to have high-tide cycles some 3 feet above normal levels this weekend.

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These exceptionally high tides are caused by the gravitational force of both the sun and the moon on the oceans, acting to displace more ocean water into certain areas.

The cities of Miami and Miami Beach are no stranger to this phenomenon and the issues that come along with it.

More than a dozen temporary pumping stations have been put in place across Miami Beach alone in anticipation of the sunny day flooding this weekend.

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The weather forecast across South Florida this weekend won't lend many favors for easing flooding concerns.

Gusty easterly trade winds in place over the region will generate waves that act to further the flood threat, especially for areas along the immediate coasts.


Luckily, no major tropical threats are in the forecast for South Florida during this time of exceptionally high tides.

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Upper-level winds have torn what was once Tropical Storm Karen apart and conditions continue to look unfavorable for development into next week.

Residents are advised to prepare for upcoming high-tide events to minimize damage to property.

Motorists who drive through standing water should wash the undercarriage of their vehicle to avoid rust formation.

Salt water can also be damaging to plants. Gardens should be flushed out with fresh water after the tides recede to avoid damage.

The excessively high tides are expected to settle down after Monday as the moon heads towards the first quarter phase.

Additional higher-than-normal tides are forecast near the Oct. 13 full moon and again during the next new moon around Oct. 27.

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