Police arrest 12 people protesting against Amazon doing business with ICE

By Darryl Coote

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Cambridge police arrested 12 protesters from the lobby of Amazon's Massachusetts office Thursday following a march demanding the e-commerce behemoth end its business dealings with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Never Again Action, a newly formed Jewish activist group protesting the incarceration of migrants and immigrants by ICE, said 1,000 people, many dressed in white, participated in the march from the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston to Amazon's office to force the company to "stop collaborating with ICE and profiting from the oppression of immigrants and people of color," it said in a Facebook post.


Cambridge Police Department spokesman Jeremy Warnick told The Hill that a dozen people were arrested on charges of trespassing after officers attempted to get them to leave the building.

Those arrested were escorted out the back of the building, hands bound by plastic ties, as the majority of the protesters were locked outside the building chanting "No business with ICE" as police blocked their ability to film inside Amazon's lobby.

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Never Again Action uses the language utilized against concentration camps from the Second World War to denounce detention centers housing migrants and refugees by ICE. In August, the group protested outside a Rhode Island correction facility used by ICE. The event made headlines as a truck drove into protesters, injuring at least two people. The group has also held protests in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Chicago.


The group said it was protesting Amazon because it facilities ICE's ability to detain and track migrants, immigrants and people of color.

Specifically, it said on Facebook that it was against Amazon's attempts to sell ICE facial recognition technology and its other business dealings with ICE that profit from the "persecution and suffering of our immigrant neighbors."

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