Costco shooting: Police say off-duty officer shot man who attacked him and his son

By Daniel Uria

June 16 (UPI) -- An off-duty police officer opened fire on a man who he said attacked him and his son in a shooting at a California Costco on Friday night that left one dead and three injured.

The unnamed officer was shopping with his family at the Costco when a man identified as 32-year-old Kenneth French approached him "without provocation" and "assaulted the officer while the officer was holding his young child," the Corona Police Department said in a statement.


The officer then opened fire on French and two of his family members, killing French and leaving the other two in critical condition.

The officer was treated for injuries sustained during the incident at a local hospital and released. His child was not injured.

Corona police also confirmed the officer's gun was the only weapon involved in the incident, contrary to earlier reports.

"The investigation has revealed this was an isolated occurrence within the store and was not an uncontained active shooter incident as the preliminary information had been communicated to officers," the department said.

The shooting took place in the store in Corona, Calif., at 7:46 p.m. on Friday night. Witnesses said they heard an argument in the store before seven or eight shots were fired.


The Corona Police Department and Riverside County District Attorney's Office are still investigating the incident.

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