LabCorp says data breach may have exposed info of 7.7M customers

By Daniel Uria

June 5 (UPI) -- Medical diagnostics company LabCorp announced Wednesday that the data of millions of its customers may have been compromised in a data breach, the day after one of its main competitors reported a similar incident.

The North Carolina-based company said it notified 7.7 million customers that their data was exposed by unauthorized activity on the American Medical Collection Agency's web payment page between Aug. 1, 2018, and March 30, 2019, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


LabCorp said the affected systems included credit card and bank information as well as other data, such as first and last names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers dates of service providers and balance information.

"AMCA has informed LabCorp that it is in the process of sending notices to approximately 200,000 LabCorp consumers whose credit card or bank account information may have been accessed," the company said.

LabCorp added it had not yet been provided a list of the affected customers or other specific details about them.

AMCA said is investigating the incident and has taken steps to increase its security in addition to providing the affected customers with more information about the incident and offering them identity and credit monitoring services for 24 months.


On Tuesday, LabCorp's rival, Quest Diagnostics, announced a security breach that compromised Social Security numbers and other personal information of 12 million customers that was stored by the AMCA and Optum360.

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