Poll: Most Americans rate financial status as 'good' or 'excellent'

Nicholas Sakelaris
Gallup said the number who answered excellent or good is the highest amount in 17 years. File Photo by FotograFFF/Shutterstock/UPI
Gallup said the number who answered "excellent" or "good" is the highest amount in 17 years. File Photo by FotograFFF/Shutterstock/UPI

April 30 (UPI) -- A new survey shows that most Americans say their present financial state is "excellent" or "good" -- the highest number in 17 years.

Gallup reported the results of the research Tuesday. It said 56 percent of Americans classify their fiscal status as good (44 percent) or excellent (12 percent), a 10 percent increase over the last three years and the most since 2002. Twenty-nine percent said it's "fair" and 15 percent answered "poor."


Gallup has conducted its Economy and Personal Finance poll every year since 2001.

The survey also said 56 percent are saving money, while 26 percent said they're just making ends meet.

"Americans remain largely sanguine about their own personal financial situations and more upbeat than in recent years," Gallup said in the study. "Majorities rate their own situation positively, think it is getting better on the whole and say they are managing to save money these days."

The pollster said sustained low unemployment and economic growth are "giving Americans peace of mind about their own finances."

Retirement and healthcare, especially a medical emergency, continue to be the most pressing concerns

The survey found 54 percent of Americans are very worried or moderately worried about having enough money for retirement, and 51 percent are the same about not being able to pay for a medical emergency. A recent Gallup poll found Americans borrowed $88 billion last year to pay for medical costs.


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