Uber passenger killed in Texas shooting

By Darryl Coote

April 29 (UPI) -- A 26-year-old man was shot and killed in the backseat of a ride-share vehicle last week in Texas, police said.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said police were looking for the companion of James Grant Booker II who was killed around 2 p.m. Friday at the intersection of TC Jester and Laurel Creek road near Houston.


Gonzalez said the two men were together when the Uber arrived. Booker entered the rear passenger side of the vehicle while his companion walked around the car to the driver-side door.

"The chauffeur assumes that the male's going to get into the vehicle but instead he opens fire into the vehicle, striking the rear passenger," Gonzalez said, adding police were unsure if the shooter fled on foot or escaped in another vehicle.

The Uber driver, who was uninjured in the attack, drove about a mile away and contacted the police from a parking lot.


Deputies searched the shooting location for suspects for hours, ABC 13 reported.

The shooter is described as a black male with shoulder-length dreadlocks.

"We still have an active search for the suspect," Gonzalez said.

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