Atlanta mayor bars ICE from holding detainees in city jail

By Ray Downs

Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed an executive order on Thursday to prevent U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement from holding detainees in the city's jail.

The order also requires that all detainees in the Atlanta City Detention Center be transferred.


"Atlanta will no longer be complicit in a policy that intentionally inflicts misery on a vulnerable population without giving any thought to the horrific fallout," Bottoms told reporters. "As the birthplace of the civil rights movement we are called to be better than this."

It's not yet clear where the detainees will be moved. ICE has three other detention facilities in Georgia.

Bottoms' order follows another in June that prohibited the jail from accepting new ICE detainees.

Bottoms' actions on immigration were taken after recommendations from a task force assigned to review the city's immigration policies in response to Trump administration policies.

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