New body-cam footage shows chaos of Vegas shooting attack

By Sara Shayanian

June 14 (UPI) -- At least four police officers were instructed to switch off their body cameras on the night of the mass shooting attack in October, new video records show.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department released more than two dozen additional videos Wednesday, including footage from 28 body cameras. Hundreds of 911 calls were also released.


Gunman Stephen Paddock fired more than 1,000 rounds from a hotel at the south end of the Strip on Oct. 1 onto a crowd below. Fifty-eight people died and hundreds were injured in the assault.

The video footage does not include time stamps and range in length, from less than 30 seconds to two hours. Four videos show officers assembling near Paddock's room at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

In three videos, a female officer is seen walking down staging rows. In the fourth, she can only be heard asking if the body cameras were off.

"Cameras are off? Cameras off? Cameras are off?" she said.

An officer repeats "Camera is off."

It is unclear why some of the cameras were switched off. Las Vegas Metro Police policy requires body cameras to remain on once they are switched on, unless the situation is of a "sensitive nature," like a sexual assault of a child.


Other videos show officers taking cover amid the gunfire.

"We got everyone trying to respond for victims, but no one trying to lock this very large scene down," one officer says inside a patrol car. "I have two people shot in the head. They aren't doing too well."

A woman in the crowd is seen calling her father.

"Dad, I love you. I'm going to make it OK," she is heard saying. "I'm going to try to get there ... Dad, I'm trying, I'm trying. There's gunshots everywhere."

The FBI is expected to release a final report on the shooting in July.

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